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As per a report of the Department of Jobs and Small Business, there is a massive demand for jobs in the healthcare and social assistance domains in the subsequent five years. We present 12 top demand and jobs in Australia in 2019. It has a description of qualifications, salary range, and other factors.

1. Teacher’s Assistant

The task of a Teacher’s Assistant is to assist teachers inside and outside the classroom, help in planning the lessons and also to schedule tasks. They help the students to understand the instructions of the teacher. Get the Teacher’s Aide Certificate to be equipped for this task. Salary is in the range of AU$31,564 – AU$57,361

2. Software Programmer

This is an app generation where we are able do all things by using smart phones. There is an immense demand for Application Developers in Australia. It requires skills in programming codes, languages like C++ Java, and ORACLE for developing software specifications. The pay is great in the range of AU$44,150 – AU$94,864. Moreover the App developers need a Diploma of Applied Information Technology

3. Registered Nurse

The registered nurses are licensed medical practitioners that are responsible for taking care of patients and assisting doctors. The tasks are performing diagnostic tests, analyzing test results, recording the symptoms and medical history of patients, assisting in room assignments as well as administering medications besides providing emotional support to one and all. The Annual Salary is AU$49,536 – AU$84,978

4. General Clerks

Here the responsibilities are doing the administrative tasks, answering phone calls, setting appointments, filing and copying documents. In a few establishments, they have to deal with processing daily orders, conducting inventory check, verifying financial reports, and editing financial databases. Acquiring the Certificate in Reception and Office Support/Certificate in Business Administration is beneficial. The Annual Salary is AU$35,131 – AU$54,437

5. Truck Driver

Truck drivers plan routes and safely transport goods from the plants to the retailers through the trailer trucks. They inspect vehicles and conduct maintenance measures and also deal with preventive safety issues. They need a truck license and No degree is necessary. The Salary is in the range of AU$34,536 – AU$55,641

6. Public Relations Officer

Public Relations Officers are strong in communication, are analytical, and take quick decisions. They seek new opportunities for the company, where they work to close the advertisements sponsorships, and partnerships. They deal with developing public relation strategies and market campaigns, and also communicate with major persons. An important quality is being an expert to handle crisis. The role requires a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, or advertising and marketing. The Annual Salary is in the range of AU$39,583 – AU$75,460

7. Childcare/ Day Care Worker

These Workers are responsible for supervision and monitoring of kids when their parents are far away. They prepare the meals for the children and also wash them. In smaller kids they change nappies and feed vitamins also. This role does not require a degree. A Certificate in Childcare Psychology is helpful. The Annual Salary is AU$35,974 – AU$55,013

8. General Sales Assistants

Sales assistants maintain a top level of customer service besides working at the retail companies. They attend to the concerns and issues of customers, help clients and ensure that all transactions are smooth. They make shopping easier, fun, and convenient for customers. The Salary is in the range of AU$35,281 – AU$53,092

9. Aged Care Worker

The task of this position is to provide compassion and care to the aged person. It deals with feeding, dressing and showering them. Such workers prepare their medicine and accompany them to meet doctors for health related matters. Not requiring a degree these jobs involve domestic duties like cooking meals, washing clothes, sweeping the floors, and changing bed sheets, etc. the Salary is in the range of AU$37,618 – AU$55,627

10. Application Developer

It involves coding besides other tasks like writing manuals, reviewing and maintaining systems, and conducting a few program tests. They must cooperate with web designers, analysts, and other employees. The aspirants who did not finished a Bachelor’s degree in IT need to take up online IT courses to become qualified for this job. It has a Salary of AU$44,150 – AU$94,864

11. General Practitioners

The generalist physicians – GPs, are doctor who do not specialize in a particular area but conduct immunization, perform annual physical examinations, and does the routine health care check up. They are licensed professionals, and can prescribe medication besides providing treatment for injuries and illnesses. It has a Salary of AU$70,519 – AU$297,281

12. Advertising Manager

The job of an Advertising Manager involves creativity. It deals with photo shootings, commercial shoots, and other promotion initiatives. There are events to attract new customers, partners and clients. It is a managerial role, needing some experience in the advertising field. They must have a degree in advertising or a Certificate in Management and Team Leadership. The Annual Salary is in the range of AU$48,177 – AU$97,131

This list of the top demand careers in 2019 will help the interested persons to get the jobs as per their individual requirements.

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