The 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia

An Analysis regarding the international jobs illustrates that Australia has a 70 percent rate of jobs filled up in one month, which makes it a world leader. Presently, there is an unprecedented boom in creating jobs.

Total employment In Australia presents a promising picture and there are 12.2971 million, standing at an uppermost level. There is also an increase during the last 13 months.

The Australian Reserve Bank has expressed that the decline in unemployment has created a shortage of skilled workers. The Strong conditions seen in the labor market should increase the wage growth.

Though the employers are still in the advantageous position in the employment sector, and for a few jobs, the employment market is tilted in favor of job seekers, with nearly half of the jobs not being filled after 60 days. Many difficult-to-fill jobs were in healthcare like radiologists, homecare nurses, dentists, physiotherapy workers, medical receptionists and care workers.Currently, the demand for GPs exceeds supply by a large number, despite being high paying with a salary of $256,680.

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These are the 20 hard jobs to be filled in Australia:

  • The current GDP figures in Australia show that healthcare is a progressive sector in the economy of Australia.
  • The aging Baby Boomers show a growing demand for health services which should be considered and moreover, they require more workforce to ensure care for them.
  • Another area, with much potential for growth, is the Food services. In view of the recent clean-up of 457 visas, the chef roles have become difficult to fill.
  • Recruitment Consultants also figure in the hard-to-find list.
  • Today all the countries compete to acquire global top talents to pursue the path of economic growth and innovation, and it is here that skilled recruiters can help to gain the right talents. Hence they have a great demand.
  • Data has revealed that there is a huge skill-gap in recruitment industry of Australia. 26.5 percent of such roles are not filled even when 60 days are over.
  • Australian Capital Territory and South Australia were placed at the top of the list where 73 percent of jobs were filled up in 30 days, Queensland (72 percent), and Tasmania, WA, and Victoria (71 percent) followed it.
  • Northern Territory and NSW had a low rate of jobs, which points that they can hugely favor for seekers of job in Australia.

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