Top Seven Best Student Cities in Australia

The cities in Australia have achieved a good score among the students based on the indicators of Employer Activity, Student Mix, and Desirability. Two Australian cities figure among the top five in the overall ranking. Australian cities tend to falter on the affordability factor, but many students feel that they are still worthy to study. We present the seven best Australia cities to pursue studies and they offer two universities which are internationally ranked. Indeed they present an exclusive academic experience.


Melbourne is on the second place among the ranking for Best Student Cities following Paris. It is the cultural capital of Australia and offers many activities like sporting events and live comedy and music shows. It has seven universities featured in the international rankings and is renowned for achieving a great score for an ideal student mix and a multicultural exchange. It has stunning beaches and a great standard of living. It presently figures as the most liveable city in the world by The Economist. Melbourne scores strongly for being desirable and is the top-ranked city in Australia in the rankings and also for employer activities.  Having education here is a prestige.


Sydney is a large city in Australia and is regarded as an economic and financial hub. It stands at the fourth place among the Best Student Cities. Sydney ranks first for desirability and has a combination of high-quality life and a befitting Paradise mix of beaches and greenery. The city also scores well for its student mix, where 25% of the students belong to the overseas category among the five universities ranked internationally. It offers an exciting and enjoyable student experience. It also has the most respected universities in Australia, two of which are ranked among the top 50 in the QS University Rankings for the year 2015/16. Sydney also ranks high in employer activity.


Canberra, Australia’s capital, has a large and diverse student population and is ranked 17th in the Best Student Cities for this year. It scored well in the student mix category. Australian National University ranked highest in Australia holds an attraction for several overseas students. It has a strong score in the desirability category. Canberra the attraction of a man-made lake and is home to nature reserves also.


Brisbane is a friendly city and occupies 18th place this year. It has three major universities and a huge student population. It is a tourist destination also with a large economic presence. It offers an ideal mix for all students who seek an urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle. The beaches are stunning, and the climate is sunny. Besides, there is a sporting culture, a trendy nightlife and a fine arts scene found here.


Adelaide, located on the south coast, is the fifth largest city in Australia and is ranked 26th on the list of Best Student Cities. It has wide boulevards, several open spaces, and parklands.

It is close to beautiful beaches and is regarded ideal for hiking, cycling, or watching wildlife. The best wines of Australia are available here. It is known for having three universities, The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, and the University of South Australia which feature in the QS World University Rankings for the year. Adelaide received a good score in the student mix category.


Perth, located on the Western coast, is ranked 36th in the list of Best Student Cities.

It is an attractive place to live and has many cultural and recreational attractions. It scores high for being desirable and having a great student mix. Known for its idyllic climate and stunning beaches it is a great place to study. Three Perth universities are featured in the QS World University Rankings.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast located in Queensland, is Ranked 69th in the list of Best Student Cities.  Known for 52km of golden sands it has 300 sunny days in a year, and is truly a Surfer’s Paradise’. It received a high score in desirability category.  The surrounding rural areas have greenest subtropical rainforest, three national parks, rising mountains and natural rock formations and fabulous waterfalls.


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