Seven Important Things your Resume must Reflect

The way you present your resume will have a great impact on the employer. Before even your face to face interview, it’s your resume that the employer sees first.

As per the studies, it suggests that the employers or the recruiters view your resume for a span of 10 seconds only. So it’s very important that the resume creates a good impression on the employer within that crucial 10 seconds.

With an ever-increasing competitive job market, a professional resume with the right amount of information is that which catches the attention of any recruiter for Australian jobs. Resume designed in a concise manner will stand out amongst other resumes.

Here are some important tips that the recruiters look on while scrutinizing the resume.

  • Summarize statement instead of Objective: These days objective statements should be replaced by personalized summary statements. It should be a well-crafted paragraph that gives a complete insight of your interests, what you are best at and your contribution towards the company. Summarize on your job goals and qualifications for job vacancies in Australia.
  • Appropriate E-mail ID/Contact information: Email ID’s with crazy names and offensive in nature should be strictly avoided. Create a professional E-mail ID. Avoid putting multiple phone numbers. Check your resume twice that it contains appropriate E-mail ID and contact number before uploading to the job sites for the jobs in Australia.
  • Relevant personal information: The resume should focus on your professional capabilities rather than a person’s religion, ethnicity, and spiritual belief. Experienced professionals are not required to add such things in a resume unless and until specifically asked by the employer.
  • Avoid tables and images: Every job site or an employer adopts an online applicant tracking system(ATS). Adding tables or images in the header and footer of your resume may scramble the application in these systems. So avoid such mistakes.
  • Maintain uniform Font: While writing a resume font format such as Calibri, Arial, Tahoma, Cambria, Franklin Gothic or Book Antiqua should be used. These fonts are easy to read and may easily be picked up by ATS. The resume should be such that it can be easily uploaded, deconstructed and stored in the online ATS.
  • Focus on relevant information: Focus well while creating a resume. Don’t add anything and everything on your resume. Any information that is irrelevant to your target job goals should not be added to the resume. If the term added in your resume is not a contributor to any of your professional skill sets, then it’s not going to be of any use to the recruiter as well.
  • Focus on the Present: Being a fresh graduate, it’s mandatory to highlight the education and various certifications. But as the candidate who is professionally qualified with above 5 years of experience, these data of education is not required in the resume. The recruiter would like to know your present achievements and projects that should be relevant to the position the recruiter is hiring for, rather than graduation marks.


The resume is a very important document. Through this vital document, the recruiter knows your skills and achievements that help to acquire a good and a well paid Australia jobs. So, spend some quality time while creating your resume. Include keywords that are relevant to your profession and industry that could be highlighted and easy to search online.

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