Top 10 Amazing Tips For Succeeding In A Telephonic Interview

Today many jobs are not restricted by any boundaries. Many companies prefer to conduct a telephonic interview and short-list candidates before they called for direct interaction. They use it to discuss the professional opportunity with a prospective employee.

A phone interview presents advantages both to the employer and to the candidate. It is a time-saving interview for the interviewer. It also determines whether a particular candidate is a good fit, and judge if he/she is interested in the job. The candidate remains unseen, and also enjoys access to the Internet for efficient replies.   When you get a call, it is advisable to answer the phone professionally.

We present ten interview tips to give a better performance in the telephonic interview:

Select an ideal spot: Some organization gives prior information about the timing of their call. Select a room where you can speak without disturbance. Keep out other noises and remove kids. Lock the room from inside. There must be a disturbance when the interview is on. Get a good phone drop a call.

Keep all the documents ready: Keep a hard copy of your resume and covering letter ready. A pen and paper must also be handy to take notes. Keep your laptop near for referring the Internet.

Utilize cheat sheets and data: Invisibility is a significant advantage of a phone interview. Prepare previous answers to expected questions and note all the points on paper. Practice the answers in advance and prepare for a secondary issue that is likely to arise.

Be positive:  smile often even though the interviewer is not in a position to see you. They can sense the mood over the phone. Be happy and enthusiastic, as it reflects in your voice. Dress well for the interview to boost your confidence and also to put you in a proper frame of mind.

Remain prepared:  Visit the company portal and know the organization well. Go back to the portal and intensify the knowledge.

Treat the interview as an urgent matter: It is advisable to take a phone interview with equal seriousness as that of an office interview. Some telephonic interviews are used, a process of elimination and take proper care not to be eliminated in this phase. Make all preparations similar to an office interview.

Ask bright questions: on completing the interview, the interviewer will ask if there are any questions. It is an opportunity for you to show intelligence and presence of mind. Ask questions about the role that you will be assigned, or the strategies of the company or its branding. Your questions must show that you are interested and serious towards the employer.

Do not mention salary: The telephonic interview is a too early stage to ask about the pay and perks. The interviewer is assessing compatibility and suitability for the post.

Ask about having other questions: Ask the interviewer if they have any different question to be asked. It gives a chance to refer the list of questions and if required to ask them. Ask about the next step of the hiring process.

Convey thanks: Say thank you, and sending a short mail to the interviewer after the interview is complete.


It will be good to be equipped with the techniques to master a telephonic interview. When you keep the tips mentioned above in mind, you will be closer to a job.

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