Australia Offers Employment Growth – Top Jobs to do in 2019

We are presenting a list of top jobs in Australia that have a strong potential of employment growth for the consideration of the job seekers.

In the last year, as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the increase in employment was 284,100 persons or 2.3 percent. This shows that it is impressive because the average yearly growth in the last 20 years was just 2 percent. 2019 will be a positive year for job seekers in the country.

#1: Healthcare & Social Assistance Job

This sector deals with jobs of taking care of the aged persons, childcare jobs, nursing jobs and many other jobs. The sector of Healthcare & Social Assistance is the largest employer in Australia. There are many government-funded organisations, while additional players from the private sector are taking interest in medical clinic and special medical services areas. The prospects in healthcare jobs in 2019 are strong because the NDIS was rolled out in the country. Another factor affecting it is the ageing population that has a high demand for additional healthcare workers.

#2: Jobs in Construction

Australia has a fascination for real estate. This serves the interests of traders and workers in lucrative construction jobs. Today less Australians are buying new property but the existing properties are getting an upgrade, under the influence and inspiration of innumerable home renovation TV shows. The rate of growth in population was 1.96% in 2018, showing that the demand for construction workers will be high.

#3: Education and Training Jobs

Education is a booming sector of the economy, today that is possible owing to the presence of many international students in Australia. The country attracts many students for first-rate tertiary degrees. The teaching jobs perform strongly in the suburban areas of major cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. The young families show an interest in new housing areas. The demand for training and education jobs will be stronger in 2019.

#4: Jobs in Hospitality

Australia is a holiday destination also that has bars, hotels, cafes, and tourist operators that support hospitality jobs in the country well. The wealthy middle classes of fast developing nations in Asia show a great interest in our careless approach towards sun, as also in surfing and in sand. The Commonwealth Games will be held in Gold Coast contributing to the growth of demand in the tourism and hospitality sector.

#5: Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

This sector has a wide Range. There are services related to law, accounts, consultation, advertising and research followed by computer designing. It is large and also set for high growth in 2019. Already there are one million workers in this industry. The ongoing advances in technology and the tendency to capture, and process data related to businesses increases the demand of skilled professionals in the technological sector. The roles demand highly skilled, professionals having a university degree.

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