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According to a current report published on job positions with the highest advertised salaries, miners in the country of Australia are, on the average, being paid $115,005 and around $133,169 if they go into management.

Also, the average paid jobs on advert pays $81,235 in salaries. Despite all of these, the country has recorded little growth in the area of wages. “Mining, resources and energy sectors happen to be the highest paying sectors in the nation of Australia.

The drop in employment advertising coupled with the fall in mining operations have totally turned for the better, and there is hope on the horizon regarding salary packages for those who work in this industry,” a spokesperson for miners told reporters.

“In the western part of the country, the sector has seen a lot of advertisement growth for the month of January, with employment advertisements growing by 45% every year,” the spokesperson said.

It is no surprise that all the top paying sectors in the country are dominated by the male gender. After the mining sector, the next highest paying sector in the country is the consulting and strategy sector, which on the average, pays workers around $108,471 yearly. After the consulting sector is the construction sector which pays around $106,693.

Next on the list is the engineering sector which pays $103,247 annually on the average.

The highest paying sector that is dominated by females is unsurprisingly the medical sector, which pays around $87,373 on the average.

Asides from all the highest paying sectors in the country, there still are sectors with the lowest paying salaries for both genders. Within the information and communication sector, architects, engineers, and information technology managers take home around $130,00 annually. While the health care sector was ranked on the small side, the general practitioners are ranked amongst the highest paid in the country, taking home a whopping $129,635 on the average annually.

“We project that the general practitioners will remain on our highest paying jobs for years to come because as we Australians continue to live healthier and longer, and as our population increases, we would require the services and assistance of general practitioners even more.

Their job is essential to the maintenance of our well-being and crucial to us living longer by subscribing to quality and affordable medical health care,” the spokesperson said.


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