Best things to do in Perth – Australia’s new capital of cool

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is a cool city in the Southern Hemisphere. It has many attractions and the visitors are attracted to it in a big way. Perth is a remote location, is a hidden travel gem, and is known for its strong appeal.

That appeal and lure will increase further when Qantas makes it a hub for its long-range nonstop Dream liner flights from Europe. This will result in the arrival of many visitors each month.

Perth has a charming bar and nightlife. Quite a few of them specialize in an array of fine wines and drinks, whiskey cocktails and present great varieties of blissful stuff.

Several attractions have sprung up around the city. It is characterized by an amazing weather, lovely blue skies, and picture-perfect beaches. Besides, there is a thriving art, culture and festival scene also. The people of Perth possess a lot of skills and talents.

Wolf Lane

Wolf Lane, houses sensational street art by international artists who were invited to Perth by City Council. There are several specimens of intricate, indigenous Australian art. It is a rich and revitalized part of an urban space project. There are poster-sized images, huge murals, and small artworks that appeal to the eye. These images kindle a discussion on the idea of national identity.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island iconic and is located offshore of the city of Perth.It has shallow waters and is a protected nature reserve, and home to the quokka, which is a small cute, herbivorous, marsupial.

These are not afraid of humans and pose for selfies with the visitors. White-sand beaches are the main attraction here. Strickland Bay is famous for surf breaks, and reef breaks. It has rich, abundant and dazzling marine life and is a happy spot for the locals to escape the rush of the city and swim in the clear waters. The island is a car-free zone, and the only way to get around is by using a bicycle. It serves as a cultural and environmental landmark.

Humpback whale hotspot

The channel near Rottnest Island is home to the humpback whale migration that delights the visitors between September and early December every year.

These pass the coast of Western Australia, through coastal waters, to the feeding grounds located near Antarctica. They form groups and migrate northwards to warm winter breeding grounds near the equator. Watching them requires planning and patience. They rarely stay in a place for more than a month at a time. Watching them launch themselves high into the air with their mouths wide open is a great sight for all the visitors.

Como the Treasury

Perth has Como the Treasury, a hotel with 48 enormous distinct suites. It is known for brilliant and multiple dining and drinking options. This hotel is serene to look and warm to feel and has huge windows and high ceilings which fill it with daylight. It has spacious bathrooms. Its menus have received critical acclaim.

King’s Park

King’s Park overlooks Perth and is regarded as the world’s largest inner-city park. It is spread over 400 hectares and has unique biodiversity of the region. The Western Australian Botanic Garden holds 3,000 species of spectacular flora, and a giant boab tree which is 750-year-old is regarded as an icon.

King’s Park is associated with Nyungar and European history and holds walking trails, public education programs; and play areas for children.  Visitors can relax with scenic views of the city and the Swan River.

Exotic food

Perth’s food offers delicious options and the best quality with great prices point. The Noodle Markets are a huge success, with finest dishes from various Asian destinations and reflect the cultural diversity.

Eat Drink Perth is an annual event which serves as a platform showing the best in food and beverages. There are star chefs who arrive regularly in the city and present their great and tasty dishes to the delight of the citizens. Western Australia is famous for brilliant wines and Mandoon Estate has the finest boutique winery. It was established in 1840.

Other attractions in Perth

Perth has many ways to work out. The foreshore spread in 62 hectares along the Swan River, is the ideal spot for the people interested in running and biking. Moreover, it provides great views of the city. There is an annual display of fireworks here.

The Indian Ocean has innumerable spectacular beaches offering the visitors swimming and surfing. They are ideal at the time of sunset. Perth is also known for soccer, cricket, rugby, and basketball.

People are pouring to visit Australia and its Immigration bags all the credit!

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