Why an IT Graduate Should Choose Data Analysts as their Career Option

The present market scenario and the job opportunities in Australia show that roles and skills are on the verge of becoming obsolete at lightning speed. Why would a technical or an IT person choose to be a data analyst over software developer?

For an IT graduates, who have completed the degree in an engineering stream or some relevant stream, it’s difficult to decide which way to go and which career path to choose from. Some of the candidates are clear in their thoughts and know which career is best and suitable for them while keeping in mind the job vacancies in Australia and various job opportunities in Australia.


IT graduates who are still in search of a good and a stable job, but don’t know which options to choose from, Data analysis is the best option these days. Data Analyst is considered to be the most lucrative career while finding jobs in Australia.

There are some reasons elaborated below, to prove that why a data analyst is an attractive option to opt for:

Receive Double compensation compared to other IT profiles

An average package of an entry-level software engineer is Rs. 3.2 lakh per annum, but the minimum salary package of an entry-level data analyst is Rs. 7 lakhs/annum, which is seen to be the double compensation compared to other IT profiles.

Analytics industry growing drastically and creating more opportunities

It is reported that analytics industry is rapidly growing by 25 % every year and is estimated to increase its revenue by 2025. This will lead to better growth opportunities in analytics firm.

Special skills not required

Other job roles in an IT field for entry-level candidates require certain skills and certifications but an analyst role does not need any special skills, only good aptitude is necessary to get started in this position. Good talent includes analytical, English and quantitative skills.

Attractive and a stable career growth prospects

With the analytic skills taking an upsurge in the IT field, there are ample of opportunities in this area. Experienced analysts with excellent communication skills have various options laid in front of them. They can also become a consultant and achieve growth in one’s career as well as business.

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