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Alita Dental

Feeling confident in all situations – in the workplace or in social settings – simply makes life easier.  Confident people perform better at work, get more promotions and earn more money.  They have more friends and attract others to them easily.  Confidence draws us in and makes us comfortable.  And nothing makes you feel more confident than a perfect, healthy smile. At Alita Dental, we strive to provide all our patients with all the good things that come from having a brilliant smile, including confidence and good health. We realize there are many more places you’d rather be than at the dentist.  Which is why we make obtaining a perfect smile as pleasant as possible, utilizing painless procedures that let you continue to live your best life while gaining your beautiful new smile.
  • Company Phone +61 7 3299 3566
  • Address Line 1 Chatswood Rd & Achilles Drv,
  • City Springwood, QLD, Australia
  • State Queensland
  • Postcode 4127
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