CV Writing Tips

Here are some useful tips for preparing your CV:

  1. Content should fit neatly on one page or two pages if there is enough relevant experience.
  2. No spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Typing should be neat,clean and professional-looking.
  3. Name, contact number and e-mail are at the top and easy to locate.
  4. Margins at sides and bottom are not less than one-half inch. Layout and design are easy to read and pleasing to the eye.
  5. Important titles are emphasized by using text enhancements where appropriate (caps, bolds, underline, italics) but make sure it is not overdone.
  6. Indentations or appropriate symbols are used to organize information logically. Overall appearance must invite one to read.
  7. Action words are used to communicate accomplishments and results
  8. Extraneous personal information (height, weight, age, sex, etc.) has been omitted.
  9. If using a career objective, make sure it is specific, clear and targeted.
  10. Remember – to place most important information is in the first half.
  11. Use conservative colours like white, off-white, beige or gray parchment. Avoid graphics and colourful paper unless you are in the design field.
  12. Highlight important information (Received Best Employee Award, Certified Microsoft professional, Scholarships) with boldface
  13. Always use reverse chronological order. Latest work experience comes first if you have worked in more than one company followed by others and Education (first Ph.D then followed by Masters and Graduation).
  14. Technical language specific words might be applied to previously worked company or other areas (spell out acronyms).
  15. Strongest statements should be at the top, going downward
  16. Dates of employment and education are included and accurate
  17. Quantities, amounts and dollar values are used to enhance the description of your job
  18. References are listed on a separate sheet of paper
  19. Hobbies or social skills are not listed unless they are related to the job target
  20. The word “I” is used only in the cover letter. If I am changing careers, my transferable skills are easily identifiable.

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