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Leading Food Delivery Startup

Challenge: A delivery organization was looking to hire 4000+ Delivery Boys in a cost-effective way.

Solution: GulferJobs offered a combination of products like Pan India Candidate Pack, Gold Ads, SMS Blasts.

Result: Over a few months, Client was able to achieve 67% of Conversion from the recruitment with Cost Per Hire being far lower than industry pricing.

India’s Leading Taxi Aggregator

Challenge: Taxi Aggregator was expecting to recruit drivers for the top metro cities.

Solution: GulferJobs provided candidate data integration and in addition, SMS campaign was done for Bangalore to expedite the hiring.

Result: Successfully delivered Candidate profiles and Client was able to get 50+ new Drivers over a span of 2 months.

Leading Manpower Consultancy

Challenge: Hiring Firm was looking to employ 4000-5000 Collection Executives for a leading Company.

Solution: GulferJobs provided multiple Solutions like Recruitment Drives, SMS & Database packages to help the client drive large volume candidates.

Result: In a short span of 2 months, the client was able to fulfill 75% of his hiring decision.

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