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In Australia, your ability to obtain sponsorship for employment lies in your dexterity and talents as an individual.


According to the website of the nation’s Department in charge of Migration and Customs, “The permit is for hiring companies in Australia who intend to support highly talented employees to obtain a permanent permit to be employed in their firms. The workers could be highly talented individuals who are from a foreign country, or they could be highly skilled foreigners residing in the country temporarily.”


In other words, before you begin contemplating the feasibility of you being sponsored for employment, you have to be sure you have the required talents and skill for the position on offer. Your first hurdle would be to make sure your talent is amongst those in high demand on the lists of talents on the website of the department.


Presently, the page for talents in high demand has been taken down from the website of the administration, but you can always to find a way to verify.


Should your talents be amongst the ones in high demand, then you need to find ways to make sure you get the job and are sponsored.


Here is a list of things you need to do:


  • Make sure your Curriculum Vitae is tailored to suit the requirements of the country.


  • Be aware that not all openings are advertised, so make sure to do your findings on the firm of interest that needs your talent. Forward your CV to them and keep in touch.


  • Keep in touch with the firm and make sure to call back to check if they got your CV. Also, inquire if they sponsor foreign applicants from overseas. If their answer is positive, even if they do not have an opening for you presently, ask them if you can always check back. If they say yes, make sure you check back on them every end of the quarter to stay ahead of the competition.



In time, you will get yourself acquainted with a few different people in your sector. This bond will boost your chances of getting a job and being in the know.


If you do get the opportunity to come to the country of Australia, make sure you are in touch with your network of friends.

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