Hot Jobs In 2018: These Sectors Are On the Rise?

Undoubtedly 2017 was a fine year in the labor market of Australia. 403,100 new jobs were added and the rate of unemployment declined to 5.4%, which is a record low. New South Wales created 140,000 jobs, and Victoria added 87,000. The major sectors of growth experiencing a boom were construction, healthcare, and hospitality.

Furthermore, the excessive Demand for professionals in healthcare shows that the population of Australia is aging. Additionally, there were residential properties and huge infrastructure projects to boost the confidence of construction workers.  The hospitality sector needs additional staff for servicing the habit of outbound dining worth $640 million per month.

We can expect to experience an excellent and similar job creation during 2018. Moreover, for this to happen, some major industries will require extra professionals to meet the growing demand.

Here is a view of filling such roles.


Social assistance and Healthcare and was the top employer in the country in 2017. It had 1,509,200 workers. On analyzing the top 20  professional roles hardest to hire in the country, which takes above 60 days for filling up, most came from the health sector.

Moreover, there are various difficulties in hiring General Practitioners, radiologists, dentists, physiotherapists, home care nurses as well as medical receptionists.  Presently 15% of the population has an age of 65 and above. Hence there is a growing need for a workforce to take care.


There is going to be a great demand for Machine learning, artificial intelligence augmented reality and blockchain in 2018. Not only the technology giants but also a variety of businesses will use them. There is a trend to be abreast of technological innovations. Hence there is a great demand to employ skilled workers for applying the latest technologies in many industries.

There are more AI jobs than the available applicants, with the required qualifications, in the country. Furthermore, there is a stiff Competition for these limited candidates.  AI technology reinforces a growing display of latest digital services, product recommendations for online shopping websites, smart home devices, as well as customer service chatbots.


The skyline of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne is dotted with cranes. The construction sector is booming. Presently there are 685 cranes in the country. Of these 350 are in Sydney, 31 in the Gold Coast, 151 in Melbourne, 85 in Brisbane, 25 in Perth, 17 in Adelaide,18 in Canberra, 3 in Hobart and 5 in Newcastle. The residential property sector is creating huge opportunities for all types of workers in Australia.

It is expected that residential construction sector will somewhat decline in 2018 because the house prices are easing.

There are huge projects coming up in the commercial, transportation and infrastructure sector in 2018. This will keep demand high for all categories of construction workers.


In 2018, the future of mining sector is bright. Western Australia presently has 46 percent of all resources job vacancies. The state opportunities show an increase of 32.9 percent in comparison to 2017. There is an Improvement in the commodity prices. This has boosted the industry confidence, in turn leading to a great boost in mining.  There is a huge demand for all skilled workers in this sector.

Seeing a decline

In the banking and finance sector, there was a decline during 2017. In case the property prices drop and the interest rate is hiked employment in the industry will decline in 2018 also.

Furthermore, jobs in producing motor vehicle have also declined by 42% since 2006. This is leading to great loss of jobs for many thousand people.

Recruiters must hire candidates who have transferable skills.

How to win talents

The industries hiring in 2018 must work on the employer brand. Neither perks, or a great culture, nor better working hours, will attract talented professionals. The job descriptions must be clear, free of jargon, and better policies, all will ensure a fine reputation.

Companies must encourage the employees to talk about the good features of the company in the online as well as social media profiles.  Additionally, there is a great need to project positive features of the company in the community.

The experience of the applicant must be smooth and concise. Positive experiences which are shared by members of staff at the company become a deciding factor for the job seekers to apply. They take a decision to opt for good companies comparing the competitors.

By following these tips, and assessing the recruitment thoughtfully, there can be a fine hiring process, which will attract top talents in a big way.

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