How foreign workers in Australia will be affected by 457 Visa change



  • The removal of the 457 visa
  • What this means for foreigners who live and work in Australia
  • Work permit opportunitiy changes in Australia


Earlier this week, the Federal Government announced its plans to replace the 457 visa category with a new one. 457 Visa grants many people to live and work in Australia, most professionals prefer this visa as they are granted based on their skill sets and qualification.


The government has announced that their reason behind this change is open-ended nature of the scheme and provide more jobs for their local talent. Although this change will not affect the people who currently hold a 457 visa, it could prove troublesome when they want to renew their visas. Especially if their profession has been removed from the list that is used to grant immediate access.


Many foreign workers are nervous about this change and what it would mean for them. The new scheme will provide a two-year visa for moderately skilled professionals and a four-year visa for highly skilled professionals. The present 457 visa is for four years and usually, people use these visas to migrate to Australia as they keep applying until they get a permanent residency.


The Government is clear on the fact that this change is in the nation’s interest and their aim is to make more job positions available for their own citizens who are qualified but are being rejected for foreigners.


Although many have speculated that the government is making it seem like they do not want foreigners being given employment opportunities, they still stand with their reason of national interest.


The main idea behind new visa is to make demanded jobs available for foreigners where Australians cannot fill them or companies do not have enough qualified professionals to hire.

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