5 Common Interview Questions and Smart Ways to Answer them Like a Boss

It will be great if we know the type of questions employers will ask you in an interview. Every candidate has a desire to win that battle with his/her wit, experience, education and charm.

There are job-specific themes and questions which require thorough preparation so that you feel more relaxed when these questions are asked.

We analyze some of these questions and present a strategy to answer them successfully.

Tell Something about Yourself?

This question sets everyone talking, and one is glad to introduce.

What to say:

Say not about you but about your candidacy, personality, and eligibility. You are required to fit in their company, and handle the job entrusted. Focus the answer on your professional experience and interests, and say all the right things about the role. Be extremely professional about career aims and goals. Talk about job obsessions and office experiences. Highlight the efficiency and other better traits.

What not to say:

Avoid saying the facts which are not related to the job profile or which cannot take your case forward.


Why are You Interested in this Job?

All employers want to hear something pleasant about them and want to know about your real interest in their industry and company. They want to see the depth of your research about them and the role that they play within the industry. This speaks well to your professionalism and preparation.

What to say:

Express about your passion in trends, technology, and innovation, and exemplify the work experience, that you will have.

What not to say:

Avoid saying anything related to salary, money, perks or emoluments.

What are Your Strengths?

Match them with the requirements described in the position.

What to say:

Highlight the team spirit, the passion for goals, communication skills, and all the leadership qualities and skills. Speak of what the people have said about you in the past. Use clear and measurable achievements. Show that you are continuing to learn and grow with the positions. Sound very confident. Mention that you have gained a lot of diverse skills and can solve problems creatively. Define how you feel stronger and bounce back after tough times and can take more responsibilities.

What not to say:

Avoid boasting or saying anything related to your endless achievements. Be brief in replies.

What are Your Weaknesses? 

Think about an actual weakness, and speak of something that is not relevant or essential for the job. Show your awareness of the issue and the measures taken to overcome it.

What to say:

Express the desire that you are working on it and improving upon it. They must get an impression that you are reflective, enthusiastic to learn, and determined to get better.

What not to say:

Avoid saying anything related to being a workaholic or a perfectionist.

Where do you See Yourself in Five Years?

Young and ambitious people always look for better opportunities, and it is wise and advisable to speak about a dream job or an ideal position that you wish to seek. Be passionate, interested, and bring out your experience.

What to say:

Show that you are professional, growth-oriented, ambitious, and goal driven. Define your strategies. Show that you consider yourself ambitious and practical. Mention about continuing to learn and grow with positions. Be confident, stimulated and motivated.

What not to say:

Avoid saying anything related to a plan about which you are not serious.

To conclude, use these interview tips, and you will definitely succeed and have positive results.

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