Got an interview call? Smart tips to face an interview

The face-to-face interview is the last stage for a candidate before the eventual selection. It is also challenging as you meet the soon-to-be employer directly. You get a chance to reveal your qualifications and skills, behavior and attitude, and make an impression. Your intelligence is tested and there are queries on your capacity to handle complex situations. You get a golden opportunity to explain your fitness to be hired for the job. Smart tips to face an interview and interview call.

Plan ahead

Planning ahead for such an interview is extremely important. Select what you intend to wear (most probably formal wear) and be well groomed. Take care to have resume copies, samples of work, and list of references to the interview venue. There is a set of common questions asked in an interview, but one cannot predict what will be asked. Be prepared thoroughly. Pay attention to your body language.

Company matters

Read about the company, and also anticipate the questions you will be asked. Prepare for them. Visit the company website. Become familiar with the values, mission, and objectives of the company. Brush up all the facts. Read the important news concerning it. If the company gives a good performance in a field, it must attract your attention and become your talking point. In case of some negative stories avoid them. Have a deep perspective on the company and its activities. Read industry-specific magazines and newsletters and know the latest trends.

Read the application again

Highlight major skills and attributes required for the job and match them with your own skills and attributes. Explain your job experiences, your qualifications, and major achievements and show that you can do justice to the position efficiently. This will help you to explain why you are fit to be hired for the job.

Enquire about the interview format

An interview call could be directly between you and the Interviewer, or an interaction with a panel of professionals. It can also be a group session. Each format requires a different mental preparation. Enquire with the HR team about the format of the interview. Also, ask if any specific agenda/topic will be taken up in the interaction.

Prepare a set of questions for the interviewer

Interviews end when the interviewer asks if you have a question for him. Be totally prepared to ask a couple of intelligent questions formulated after a thorough insight. This reflects smartness and conveys a positive impression about you. it must contain a question on the latest developments in the industry.

Know your market value

Some interviewers discuss the issue of salary. Be fair and ready, with an apt answer. Quote a figure based on market value and say a higher sum. The amount must meet your expectations. Do not go for an interview unprepared and do not appear uninterested. Success is achieved by the persons who are well prepared knowledgeable and smart.

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