Half of the world’s 4 billion jobs will be Automated & Digitised.

Two global facts have been discussed at Australian Leadership Retreat. First one was “How technology is going to eliminate half of world’s 4 billion jobs” in a decade or two. Which implies next generation’s creative entrepreneurial skills will be replaced by present standard employment.

Currently, most of the young generation is inclined towards creative jobs rather than standard employment. In the coming near future, we will experience happy & exciting society after undergoing some sort of troubles and distortions.

Australia is well prepared for this change in advance with world’s 1st unfair contracts legislation, test bill, pushing big corporate giants to pay in one month & the updated franchise protection legislation. The only drawback is tax system of small enterprises is very fragile having limited rights for an appeal. With the current attitude of people, change is very difficult, we all need to put our hands together for the transformational change at every step by taking few measures.

At present change is initiated through data-driven technologies such as predictive & prescriptive models for better decision making. Scientists call it as evidence-based decision making. Most of the companies and public services are using data as their competitive edge. People have to cross the barriers of their departments to allow new ideas to drive growth and economy.

Another one is from last two years the wealth of top 1% of the world is greater than 99%. Globalization is driving the wealth among the countries, which is affecting the trust in the current political system of western nations. In long term, democratic western countries won’t be able to sustain this large wealth difference.

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