The Most In-Demand Skills of 2017 in Australia

The regular movements and trends of a marketplace for every country changes every year. The list of Australia’s in-demand skills as per the list of 2016 is changing. Employers of Australia are in the view of streamlining the different departments and at the same time looking to up-skill their existing headcount and creating job opportunities in Australia. This article is about reflecting on the past year’s in-demand skills whereas on the current year’s prediction.

Looking back in 2016

2016 showed encouraging signs for finance and accounting jobs in Australia. This came as a welcome boost for the job seekers in Australia. A lot of activity found between the salary bracket of $80,000 – $200,000. Organization of all sizes invested in the team of accounts and finance, by bringing the talented skill in the organization.The employers were of the view to fill the job vacancies in Australia with capable skilled and senior candidates.

Melbourne and Sydney recorded to be the busiest markets, as for the Perth it was challenging as they were still recovering from the decline in investment within the mining sector. Despite the challenges faced by Queensland because of the mining industry, the market here was recorded to be steady. There were significant growth opportunities in many industries like healthcare, retails, education, FMCG, IT&T, pharmaceutical, government and much more. Whereas there was a decline in industries like manufacturing, business, and mining sector.


Changes in 2017

The year 2017 would be beneficial more for the mid-cap size businesses. There is a prediction of growth in this businesses. While the billion-dollar businesses are estimated to reduce headcount, particularly at the junior level. By mid-2017, there would be new vacant positions for the senior level financial professionals.

For financial professionals, there would be an increase in contract and temporary roles. People think contracting is not a good idea, but it can be an excellent opportunity for professionals who can prove themselves and can get into the industry and start on new projects. Many employers have put their permanent recruitment to a standstill, so it’s the best time to explore the contract position.

In-demand finance roles in 2017

The specific role types that would be in high demand in the finance sector are:

New age CFOs: For this role, the candidate should have a broad skill set that would cover not only strategy but also hands-on accounting experience.

Risk professionals: In this category candidates should be capable enough to take risks in commercial decisions for big corporates.

Finance business partners: Companies are searching for individuals who can add value to their business by cost-cutting and profit-making opportunities.

Financial controllers and accountants: Individuals possessing strong technical accounting skills with excellent communication skills and who desires to partner with the business or would mentor team, will be in high demand.

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