Top 7 Reasons to pursue English Studies in Australia

English is hugely popular and is regarded as the universal business language. Australia employs instructors of top caliber and has a fine education system that teaches English. It meets the needs of students who study abroad and ensures the topmost level of English Proficiency. When a student opts to Study English in Australia, there are many courses to suit his/her study needs. The student can excel in Academics, General English Studies, Work Opportunities, and English for Teaching, or for Travel Purposes and to prepare for an Examination. Australia uses modern teaching technologies and techniques to study English and allows access to online resources, world-class libraries, and student discounts to overseas students.

Work Opportunities

Studying English and practicing it in day to day life is an ideal way to learn the language. Australia is a most suited as it permits overseas students to work while they study. They can apply to several industries and can land a job which is related to the field of study. Work opportunities while studying in Australia protect a person through fair work laws enforced by the government. Companies go into the hiring mode for international students without asking any questions. A student can find a job at the university itself.

Cultural Diversity

In Australia, one can meet many people belonging to diverse cultures and work with them to learn several new things. Being multicultural is central to the Australian identity. In 2013, migration from foreign countries represented 60 percent growth of population in Australia.  There are no major racism incidents in the country.

Support Network

Australia is the finest place to study English abroad because the government provides a great network and has framed laws to extend support to the students. In all stages beginning with enrolment, processing of visa, settlement and orientation services, many agencies and support network exist to help them.

Quality Assurance

To Study English in Australia is an exercise to meet international standards. It has a National regulatory and quality agency to meet the norms of international education.

TESQA the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, and ASQA Australian Skills Quality Authority are responsible to monitor national standards for colleges of English language. There is an English Australia, a national top body for the English sector to take care of the international education in the country. It is associated with quality Programs, in the English Language, and provides several support services, for an ideal learning environment and assures protection of all students.

Government Support

The rights of students are protected by law titled the Education Services for Overseas Students Act. This protects the well-being of global students, delivers quality education and provides up-to-date information.

Life in Australia

In the Prosperity Index, Australia is the sixth happiest country with an overall ranking of fourth in Education, and second in Social Capital in the world. The universities and colleges rank at the top in the world as per the 2016-2017 Rankings for World Universities. The natural environment and the personality of its people make it an ideal place to pursue all types of studies.

It is high time to consider Australia to study English Abroad, to have an enriching experience. Click here to know more about Australia jobs.

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