Research to be done before applying a job


Before applying for a job or submitting a CV, you need to research about the industry that you want to work in and what job opportunities are available in Australia.


Answer these “W” questions:

  • What is the growth trend in the industry
  • Who are the main businesses competitors in the industry
  • Where the big chunk of the industry located
  • What skills are required in Australia to work in that particular industry?
  • In Australia, how big is your preferred industry


How to RESEARCH about your INDUSTRY:

  • Talk to the group that relates to your industry in Australia, gather information about the market.
  • Ask friends & contacts in Australia
  • Go through the profiles offered in the industry in Australian Job portals
  • Learn about opportunities in community newspapers where you have information about expos, seminars, business trends & free events.
  • Contact universities & learning institutions to know about current career choices in Australia by students.
  • Visit and carry out a research of preferable roles


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