Promising Careers in Digital Marketing Field

The internet has changed the working and thinking process of the whole world. Mobile with its exceptional performance has enhanced the thought process. Technology is touching everyone these days. Since the last decade, there is an increase in growth of technology, and internet is considered to be the most powerful.

While the digital world has changed the way of living but at the same time have opened many career opportunities in Australia. There was a myth among the people before that the internet would cut the jobs worldwide, which has been proved wrong as the internet has raised the number of Jobs in Australia for various professionals.

The digital world has grown to an extent and has touched many people in some or the other way. This has become the most vital and the internal part of the business. The digital world has become a platform where the businesses can market their products and services. This media has opened up a large number of opportunities to marketers so as to plan their marketing activity in a more effective manner. The digital media offers target-oriented marketing as compared to the traditional media. It gives you an opportunity to select a campaign on the basis of gender, income group, region, and age in order to reach the target audience. This media has not only proved to be a helpful tool in the business world but also has opened a number of career opportunities in digital media.


Organic Value Creators/ SEO Specialists: Before buying a product these days, we go through a number of information and pages on the internet. The information which we receive are the efforts of the professionals who are called as “Organic value creators.” The primary job of these professionals is to ensure that his clients business shows up on the first pages of the search engine, whenever someone tries to search for a particular keyword. Paid advertisements may help to fetch you instant results, but unpaid digital marketing is most effective as it generates an organic value of your business. Days are gone when the purpose of the website was only for the web presence. Today every business expects hefty returns from the Website. SEO specialists are one of the important individuals in the world of digital media. The starting package of an SEO specialist is nothing less than 3 lakhs/annum. There is a huge shortage of qualified professionals for this profile.

Social Media Optimizer/ Specialist: Almost every person in the world is on some or the other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or an Instagram. In today’s world, more than the real friend’s people have virtual friends. Social media is nowadays not the place to only hang around, and it has become a place to share the opinions, reviews and advertise the product and services. Facebook has become a source these days for finding the details about the future life partners, whereas LinkedIn is the network for professionals for finding jobs as well as eligible job seekers.

As social media has been creating waves all around there is a huge demand for Social Media Specialists. Handling the social pages of a company, business or a professional individual often requires the help of professionals who assist the company in the creation of the brand and maintaining the CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management).

If you are a social media buff, then a huge number of jobs in Australia is waiting for you. The average salary of an entry-level professional start from 2.5 – 3 lakhs per annum.

Content Writers: The internet and digital media are all about content. If you want to search for some product or services, you will receive a brief information. The content what you view over the internet is termed as a marketed content.

The amount of data added on the internet are written by qualified content writers. This profile requires a special skill set according to the various modes of communication through the internet. The basic work of a content writer is to create content for the website, social media, review creation and also include writing blogs and articles for digital marketing purposes.

If you are a graduate and have a passion for writing, then this is an ideal career opportunity, and there is an unlimited growth opportunity in this field. For his career to blossom, you should get trained under a senior. Once you get an experience of two years, you can get a salary package of between 3-5 lakhs/annum.

Campaign Managers: The amount of money spent on digital media since last five years by business houses and corporates have increased drastically. Marketing these days is not confined to only print media and television, it is making huge waves on the internet too. Although this conventional media would remain for one-way communication, the digital media would be seen increasing to an extent because of its two-way communication aspect. The need for the advertising on the internet is increasing day by day, and so the need of effective Campaign managers are also increasing. To plan for the digital media marketing and executing the process in an effective way requires professional expertise. This profile is termed to be a very imperative profile in the field of digital marketing. With the time to come, there would be a huge demand for this profile.

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