Smart Tips to Hunt Jobs in Australia

As per the information of Australian government released recently, there are many job vacancies in the country. This number is likely to be slightly higher because offline job advertisements and those published in newspapers and in other media are not included.

Total job vacancies in November 2017 were 210,800, registering an increase of 4.1% from August 2017. Of these, job vacancies in the private sector were 191,800 in November 2017, and in the public sector, they were 19,000 in November 2017.

The country is experiencing a good economic run, and it is predicted that the trend will continue in the future also. There will be a healthy job market and many entrepreneurs will gain confidence to expand their activities. There will be varied and more jobs.

We present the list of most sought-after jobs here:


Data has revealed that there is a heavy demand for teachers in the past few years, mostly in the special needs and primary school sectors. The Average salary has also increased and most of the demands are increasing and remained unmet.


When the company is dynamic and the team gets bigger, there are more responsibilities to deal with and as a result, the salary is also enhanced. Australia requires many managerial positions in different companies across cities in Australia. With the increase in the number of new businesses needing managers their demand will increase.

Digital Marketers

The entertainment and media market in Australia is likely to increase to $47.4 billion by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 4.1 percent. More companies will spend on online advertising. For obtaining tangible results, there is a great need for Digital Marketers. Apart from these SEO analysts, the copywriters, Web developers, and Web designers are also needed.

Designers and Architects

There is a spectacular an unprecedented job growth in the design sector, and designers and architects face a huge demand now. There is an intense Competition among the design firms in architecture, industrial, and interior sectors. There is a possibility that experienced designers will have a great advantage over newcomers.

Construction Employees

There is an increase in Apartment constructions in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. All construction managers, assistants, and laborers are hugely needed in cities.

Builders, Plumbers, Electricians

These jobs are in heavy demand in Australia and they command a good salary. Their demand is likely to increase in the next 3-4 years.

Work Health and Safety Professionals

The Construction Industry exists on the support provided by Work Health and Safety Professionals. The government mandates that all construction operations must be safe for the employees and also for the public. When the demand for the construction industry is strong, there will be a growth in resultant demand for WHS and OHS skills.

Farming and Environment Conservation

Job advertisements for farming laborers have registered an increase and there is an indifference towards manual labor by Australians. Many young laborers prefer indoor jobs only.

Mining and Power Plant Labourers/Operators

Many companies with regular and ongoing operations in the country are on the lookout for laborers and machine operators. There is a similar demand for the power plant industry.

Information and Communications Technology Professionals

The ICT industry has a high average industry salary and the professionals involved in it are the highest paid professionals in the country.  This sector grows continuously when there is progress in technology. There are new challenges in the form of virtual reality, the Internet of Things, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence which need more professionals.

Some tips on Resumes

  • Australian employers prefer long resumes where details regarding educational achievement and work experience are given.
  • There is a special focus on emphasis and Attachments.
  • All the academic achievements must be highlighted.
  • Identify Accomplishments and provide Job Descriptions.
  • Quantifying the Accomplishments will boost a resume.
  • Use a logical format with wide margins, and provide clear headings.
  • Apply bold and italic typeface to guide the reader.
  • Use bullets for all important points.

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