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Regional Australia will attract skilled immigrants to fill 44600 jobs

Regional Australia Institute has rolled out a toolkit in rural and regional Australia for attracting more skilled employees. The rural areas have low population where agriculture dominates. Presently there are rapid changes owing to technological advances. There is a difficulty in attracting skilled workers. There are vacant jobs in the logistics and transport industry similar to the jobs in factories.

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Australia offers a metropolitan lifestyle, and there are many lucrative job opportunities. It is famous for a top standard of living that serves as a great attraction to many migrants from all corners of the world. In the past two decades, there were many changes in its immigration policy and procedures. It was also greatly successful in accommodating thousands of

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The 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia

An Analysis regarding the international jobs illustrates that Australia has a 70 percent rate of jobs filled up in one month, which makes it a world leader. Presently, there is an unprecedented boom in creating jobs. Total employment In Australia presents a promising picture and there are 12.2971 million, standing at an uppermost level. There is also an increase during

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Top Seven Best Student Cities in Australia

The cities in Australia have achieved a good score among the students based on the indicators of Employer Activity, Student Mix, and Desirability. Two Australian cities figure among the top five in the overall ranking. Australian cities tend to falter on the affordability factor, but many students feel that they are still worthy to study. We present the seven best

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