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The 20 hardest jobs to fill in Australia

An Analysis regarding the international jobs illustrates that Australia has a 70 percent rate of jobs filled up in one month, which makes it a world leader. Presently, there is an unprecedented boom in creating jobs. Total employment In Australia presents a promising picture and there are 12.2971 million, standing at an uppermost level. There is also an increase during

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Top Seven Best Student Cities in Australia

The cities in Australia have achieved a good score among the students based on the indicators of Employer Activity, Student Mix, and Desirability. Two Australian cities figure among the top five in the overall ranking. Australian cities tend to falter on the affordability factor, but many students feel that they are still worthy to study. We present the seven best

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The Top 10 Desired Skills in Australia

Last year Australia had created a lot of jobs, which crossed over 1,80,000. It would have been even higher, but the skill shortages among the workers held it back. The skills that are in demand by the Australian employers are constantly changing every year. Recently 10 skills that are in huge demand in the year 2017 offered an added advantage

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