Top 8 Exciting Tech Career Options to Pursue after Engineering

All the news about various job segments centers on massive layoffs or changes in recruitment policies. The picture is gloomy for pursuing a career in IT. We present a few unexplored jobs here which can connect the applicants with diverse job profile, in the world of technology.

These Jobs are trendy and reflect the modern times. They can help you out of a chaotic and unpleasant situation.

Applications Developer – is the privileged professional who creates tests and programs applications software, for various computers. The main function is to meet the specifications of the client and make computers do the specific tasks.

Business Analyst – is someone who runs the analyses of an organization and assesses the business model for its strengths and weakness. The professional is thorough in the documents, business processes, and systems. Integrating it with the modern technology is also one of his duties.


Cartographer – is someone involved with the scientific, artistic and technological aspects of developing and producing all types of maps. They release the details through diagrams, spreadsheets, and charts. They also use the conventional maps.

Database Administrator – uses special software to store and organize data. The role has the aspects of capacity planning, configuration, installation, database design, performance monitoring, migration, troubleshooting, security, and backup issues plus data recovery.

Games Developer – designs video games and is known as video game developers or software developer. They create video games and are involved in the concept, story writing, coding and programming of the games.

Geographical Information Systems Officer – These professionals carry out the gathering and analysis of geographical data which is generated through the geographical information systems. GIS data is known to have various applications in several important areas. It helps the personnel in the departments of meteorology, defense, gas, oil, transport, and telecommunications.

Information Security Specialist – These professionals focus on understanding all the risks associated with the security of information/data. They analyze areas of security breach presently or in the future and carry out the repairs and strengthening measures against such breaches.

Information Systems Manager – These professionals are business executives, who manage and implement systems meant for Computer and Information Technology sector. They coordinate between top management of an organization and IT specialists.

These areas serve the creative urge of the people and are ideally suited for the people who believe in being modern and trendy.

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