Top 10 Tips To Succeed In A Telephonic Interview

Telephones being one of the distinguished inventions of 18th century have still a great deal of significance. Though technology has taken a forward leap and other communication modes like E-mails and chats have come into existence, people still prefer to communicate over the phone. Telephone is the convenient mode of communication, and the employers are opting for phone interviews to screen potential candidates. But there are certain barriers and basic attitude methods if you are opting for Australia jobs, that needs to be taken care of during a telephonic interview.

Let us look at the Top 10 tips that would make you an ideal candidate for job opportunities in Australia after the telephonic Interview:

  1. Prepare for the Call : It seems for some candidate that telephonic interview is the easiest way of interviewing as you may not see the interviewer and so there is no nervousness boiling inside the candidate. But it’s not true, a single mistake would end up losing the chance of getting selected from your hand. Prepare well, do the required research – like about the company and the profile.

List down the questions you need to ask the company like :

(i)  What specific qualities you are looking in a candidate for the job profile?
(ii)  I have read about the company _______( insert some recent company success related question)
(iii) How this specific position, which I have been offered will contribute to the company’s success? This will
indicate your interest in the company.

  1. Select a good place: When there is a telephonic call from abroad, the consultant will inform you in advance regarding the time and date of interview. Make sure you are into an isolated place of your home or office where there is no unwanted noise like murmuring sounds, horns or barking dogs which will interrupt your session and at the same have a wrong impact over the interviewer. Make sure if you are using a mobile, it should be fully charged and select a place where the signal or reception of the phone is good.
  1. Keep the required documents handy : Keep the documents ready beforehand like a resume, a blank paper for noting down the notes and a laptop if required. Take advantage of the invisibility and note down the important questions and answers that would be asked during the interview.
  1. Remember to Smile: This might sound odd. But you should have a smile and a positive attitude during a telephonic interview as this would reflect in your voice. Your smile would not make you sound bored or uninterested. Some experts say that you should dress up formally as it would put you in the right frame of the mind.
  1. Maintain Concentration: Be focussed on the type of question the interviewer is asking. If you lose the concentration and get distracted it might be sensed by the interviewer.
  2. Maintain Conciseness: Phone interviewers are for a short span of time as compared to the face to face interviews. Give straight forward and crisp answers. This will help you not to lose the audience and so keep your answers in minimum 3 sentences.
  1. Ask Intelligent Questions: After the interviewer is done with the interview, he/she would ask you, if you have any question to ask. This is a great chance to show your interest in the company and your intelligence. Ask intelligent questions that would help the interviewer analyze you positively.
  2. Don’t come up with the salary discussion : This is the point where the interviewer analyses and assess you. Do not make any salary discussions as this can be discussed on the final stages of the hiring process.
  3. Ask the interviewer if he/she has any other question : Give a chance to the interview to reveiw the list and see if he/she has any other questions to ask.
  1. Be Polite while ending the conversation: Even if your interview has not gone well and you were unable to answer some of the questions, make a point to end the conversation with a “Thank you”.

These are 10 most important tips that should be followed to have a great chance of clearing the Telephonic interview and getting jobs in Australia.

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