Top 10 in Demand Jobs in Australia

A government report has highlighted the top demand jobs in Australia. This report also projects the industries and occupations that will have a huge demand in the subsequent five years. Australia created 1 million new jobs during the last five years. In an interview, Scott Morrison, the Treasurer stated that 2017 experienced extraordinary and strong job growth in the country. Moreover, more than 400,000 jobs were created in one year. That was also a record.

Jobs in Australia-More nurses required at Victorian hospitals

The report on Australia Jobs 2018 is published by the Department of Jobs and Small Business. In it there is a projection of strong job growth in Health Care and Social Assistance adding 250,500 jobs in impending five years.

There will be bulk contributions favouring employment growth also in the Professional, Technical and Scientific Services projecting an addition of 126,400 jobs. In Construction there is a likelihood of 120,700 jobs, and the Education and Training segment will have 116,200 jobs. Finally the share of Accommodation and Food Services will touch 97,600 jobs.

Jobs in Australia- an analysis

12.4 million Workmen are presently employed in Australia out of which around a major share is employed in five large employing industries with each providing nearly 1 million jobs.

These are the five large employing industries:

  • Social Assistance and Health Care (1,663,900)

  • Retail Traders (1,286,900)

  • Construction Sector (1,167,200)

  • Professional, Technical and Scientific Services (1,033,000) and finally

  • Education and Training (1,024,300)

Health Care/Social Assistance is the largest industry in the country with a fast growing. There is a projection that it will have a strong growth in employment in the next five years on the support of effective implementation of National Disability Insurance Scheme. Besides, there is a growth of ageing population in Australia.

Also, this industry offers top occupations for:

  • Registered Nurses,

  • Caring personnel for aged and disabled,

  • Caring personnel for children and infants,

  • Nursing support,

  • Workers engaged in personal care and

  • Finally the receptionists

Retail Traders sector in Australia is the second largest employer offering several opportunities to young people in the labour market. There is lot of Part-time work because a major workforce share is in the age range between 15 and 24 years. Additionally there is no requirement of post-school qualifications.

Australian Jobs – Construction Workers

Trades workers and Technicians offer 52% employment in Australia and occupy the position of the third largest industry. In the Construction sector than half the workers hold vocational qualification (certificate III or higher).

Professional, Technical and Scientific Services, are the fourth largest industry offering an employment in Australia. This large and diversified industry employs professionals in legal and accounts services, veterinary sector, and also in computer designing. The top five jobs here are accountants, solicitors, software programmers, applications programmers, graphic designers, web designers, and illustrators followed by Professionals in Advertising and Marketing.

In the Education and Training industry Primary School teachers are the top jobs mostly employing females and part-time workers.

Software programmer

The ten top occupations projected to add significant numbers among the new jobs in the five years are:

  • Caring personnel for Aged and Disabled an increase of 77,400

  • Registered Nurses stand at 65,300

  • Caring personnel for Children stand at 25,800

  • General Sales Assistants have a demand of 24,900

  • 22,200 General Clerks are required

  • 21,900 Education Aides are required

  • Truck Drivers stand at 16,200

  • Software Programmers and Applications Programmers have a demand of 15,100 personnel,

  • The requirement in Public Relations, Advertising, and Sales Managers is 14,800

  • The requirement for Resident Medical Officers and General Practitioners is 14,500

These are the industries that will decline in the next five years

  • Manufacturing by 38,300,

  • Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services by 9,000,

  • Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry by 2,400


As per the report, in this industry some subsectors will add new jobs despite overall decline. The five subsectors projected to grow in the five years with the gains are:

  • Food Product Manufacturing will add by 5,300, Furniture and Other Manufacturing 4,400,

  • Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing and Chemical sector will add 2,600

  • The sub sector dealing with Waste Collection, Treatment/Disposal Services will add 2,700

A decline is projected in the Agriculture subsector.

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