Top 5 Courses Leading To Australian Permanent Residency

Australia is an ideal country for studying and settling. It is known for having a growing economy and has the best academic credentials. Moreover, it offers a balanced lifestyle. It has attracted millions of international students, and by pursuing their studies, here they have made a great career.

To earn a right to living, working or studying in Australia permanently, finishing two years of academics in Australia, and acquiring work visa is necessary.

Such visa allows global students, who graduate from Australia to stay/work/study in Australia temporarily. For qualifying to get such a visa, the candidate needs to have the qualifications and skills connected to the profession on the Skilled Occupation List.

The government of Australia releases a list of occupations which are in great highly demand in Australia every year. Global students, who complete their academics in the said profession areas, have a better chance to get PR. Many times, the nature of this list makes it hard for worldwide students to select particular courses which assist them in getting PR.

We present the Courses Leading to Bright Permanent Residency Prospects in Australia:


The profession of Accountancy is a fast-growing occupation in Australia. International students who pursue it in Australia experienced 500% increase between 2001 and 2014. Accountants in Australia are exposed towards compliance requirements, taxation, record keeping and financial dealings.


All branches of Engineering are needed in Australia. There is a great requirement for engineers in Chemical, Civil, or Structural fields. Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Agricultural Engineers are also required. Besides, there is room for Software, Production and Plant Engineers too. Top international engineering students can always gain employment in Australia. The Good Universities Guide mentions that the earning of engineering graduates in Australia was $60,705, which is a high salary in the country.


Many Universities offer Nursing courses in Australia and are known for having an exceptional international reputation in providing ideal programs in Midwifery, Health, and Nursing.  There are many undergraduate, research and postgraduate courses. Courses in Nurses for Community Health, Nurses in Medical Practice, Nurses in Family and Child Health, Nurses in Mental Health, as well as in Surgical and Paediatric fields are also popular.

Information Technology

IT serves many industries today. Australia has a booming economy and all IT Professionals, who graduate from a university of Australia, or are brilliant in Information Technology professions, from another country, can make a mark here. The Qualifications Framework of Australia has added the profession of Information Technology, in the ‘Skilled Occupation List”. There is a great demand for Information Technology professionals and International students who have studied IT in the country can aim to stay in Australia. They stand a fine chance to obtain the visas given in the Temporary/Permanent Residency.

Trade Qualification

A Trade qualification incorporates a specialization in a job which requires specific training. Included in this category are plumbers, electricians, carpenters, welders, and others. The Trade Recognition of Australia focuses on making the migration of qualified individuals possible, based on their talents and skills. There is a big list of skills which fall under different sub-categories of TRA. Persons aiming to get assessed in their skills can be residents of Australia, on a temporary visa, and are in a position, to apply directly, to get permanent visa off-shore.

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