Top 6 Habits that will help you get Promoted

Below are the 6 habits that will help you get promoted:

  1. Be Aware & Awake: In your job you will be facing new challenges and a lot of learning opportunities come on your way. Grab them, learn everything you can and keep the record of what you are learning. Be ready for constant changes in your work environment and your workflow, and make suggestions about ways to improve your processes.
  1. Stay Reliable: Be prompt, stick to timelines & commitments made to customers, co-workers, managers, vendors and anyone else you interact with.
  1. Think Big: Once you are comfortable at your own job, think from a management perspective what are the organisational goals? Break set goals to your department level & your personal level. Finally keep a track on what have been achieved.
  1. Get Feedback:There will always be a scope for improvement in the work you do. Be comfortable in asking “how can I be different next time?” Find the trust worthy people in your workplace to ask this question. 
  1. Seek out New Skills: Learning is a continuous process in your career cycle. If you become the best customer service representative of all time, you’re well on your way… to remain a highly regarded customer service representative for the rest of your career. It’s not enough to be great at your job; you need to add new skills to your profile. 
  1. Appreciate & Acknowledge people: You don’t have to wait for a management title to thank and acknowledge your co-workers. The best habit to cultivate as a teammate is a habit of spotting and reinforcing your teammates’ triumphs, and seeing and acknowledging their frustrations, too. Everybody wants to be recognized and no one gets enough recognition. You can begin to turn that tide!

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