What are the Chances of Getting a Job in Australia if I have a Permanent Resident or Skilled Migrant Visa?


  • How to find job in Australia as a permanent residence
  • Getting a job in Australia
  • How to utilize recruitment agencies

If you’re thinking about sticking around in Australia you will obviously need to find and keep a job, as this is a requirement for immigrants within the country. If you’ve secured a visa then you’ve taken one of the most important steps.  Now you need to get going on finding yourself gainful employment.

The first thing you want to do, obviously, is prepare your cover letter, resume, portfolio, and anything else that you believe can help you with your job search.

Rework your resume if you have to, get it noticed by prospective employers, and do whatever it takes to pare it down so that it highlights your best attributes that are desired by the employer.

Your chances of getting a job rest on the kind of skills and experience you can bring to the job market. You’ll no doubt need a quality education, be able to give forth more than a passing effort, and show that you’re worth hiring. How you approach your job search is important, and how you go about speaking to employers is even more so.

If you find your efforts waning a bit, try a few of these tips to up your chances of finding work in Australia:

  1. Take a long look at the job websites in Australia.

This is a given no matter where you go.  The job sites are one of the first spots you should go to in your search as they are the one location that will show you what you need to know and will be updated fairly regularly.

  1. Get on social media quickly.

This can help you follow Australian employers in an attempt to find out what it will take to get into the job you want and whether or not you are even qualified.

  1. Pick up a newspaper.

Despite being the technological age there are still classified ads that you can pore through. Pick up a paper and run your finger down the classifieds as so many people did in the old days. Employers will often pay just enough to insure that their ads are understandable and well-rendered.

  1. Utilize recruitment agencies.

Some people call them headhunters, but the fact is that they are there to work for you.  These agencies are a boon as many of them will put your name in a job database and help you by matching your profile and skill set to the most applicable jobs.

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